Eastern warblers near Elden Sping


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Yesterday there was an eBird report of a male Hooded Warbler along the base of Mt. Elden west of Elden Spring:

I went looking for it this morning, and did not find it, but did turn up an Ovenbird foraging on the ground in the same general area. The bird was totally silent and I was unable to get a photo, but my description is here:

Both of these birds were near the top of the drainage that runs from the trailhead at Skyline Dr. due north to the base of the mountain. The Ovenbird was just to the east of where the drainage intersects with the mountain, and the Hooded Warber apparently just to the west. This shaded glen is very often a good spot for all kinds of birds.

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I did a scan around Elden Spring today, 5/13/20. Not much Warbler action (other than Virginia's) but inspired by the report of 3 Scott's Orioles this week, I hoped to find this species to my Elden Spring bird list. I don't remember any reports of Scott's Orioles in the past. At any rate, I would think they are pretty rare here.

I am happy to report that I found 1 female in the area East of the Spring (far east, where the trail loops around back into the more piney woods).

GaryScotts Oriole Elden 5 13 20 3 100PI.jpgScotts Oriole Elden 5 13 20 4 100PI.jpgScotts Oriole Elden 5 13 20 5 100PI.jpgScotts Oriole Elden 5 13 20 6 100PI.jpg