Hart Prairie Pinyon Jays

Several of us headed out to bird both Little Spring and Wilson Meadow today. The highlight of the day was a flock of about 700 pinyon jays at Wilson Meadow; by far and away the largest flock any of us has ever seen. They just kept coming in a long, thin line for a few minutes. We were noting the great cone crop on the limber pines in the area and were wondering if food resources were simply higher this year in upper elevations compared to pinyon pine/juniper areas? It just seems like there are more/bigger flocks of PIJA in higher elevation areas this year as compared to recent years (purely anecdotal observation, not really based on any data). Is anyone else observing the same? Thanks,



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I saw quite a large group up on A Mesa a couple of weeks ago, but nowhere near that large.


Tom Linda and I had a large flock (estimated 100 birds) along FR 151, just south of Wilson Meadow, a month or so ago.

Chuck LaRue

On an early October hike, We noted hundreds of Pinyon Jays feeding on abundant limber pine seeds on the the north side of the Peaks at around 9000 feet in the area of upper White Horse Canyon. We noted two large bear scat piles that were comprised almost entirely of the shells of limber pines seeds as well.