I-40 Ponds: Interesting Wigeon, Wood Ducks, Mexican Duck X Mallard


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I stopped by the I-40 ponds along the Rio de Flag yesterday and enjoyed seeing a trio of Wood Ducks (2 males and a female) that I gather from eBird reports have been around for a couple weeks. Wood Ducks are always a treat above the Rim.

Additionally, there were two unusually-plumaged ducks.
First, a male Mallard-type thing that I'm interpreting as a likely Mexican Duck X Mallard hybrid (in addition to the unusual color pattern of the head, note the brown tail (very different than the mallard tail in the foreground!) and variable feather pattern on the bird's flanks - the mostly-mallard appearance of this bird makes me wonder if it is a backcross, rather than an F1 hybrid)):

Second, this wigeon, which is the coldest gray-toned wigeon I've ever seen. American Wigeons are fairly variable, but I wonder if this falls outside the range of normal variation and perhaps is has some sort of pigmentation abnormality.

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