red-breasted sapsucker page springs

1. john hildebrand found a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER in page springs.
2. it has been there at least a few days and 5 of us saw it this morning
3. it is on private property that is vacant and so you can go
4. it is roughly 2 miles south of bubbling ponds. coming from fish hatchery look for a big purple/green house high on left. right after that there is a black mailbox on left that says willow ranch.
5. if coming from cornville there is a b&b sign on right. the black mailbox is about 100 feet past that.
6. it is directly across the street from black mailbox. there is a gate that you can climb over or go around, walk down the driveway and look. there are small trees on right sde of driveway where it has been as well at big tree in right field. it was making a meow call.

Rich Armstrong